Facility Use Information


It should be known that the school district's facilities are available to individuals or agencies of the Spring Valley area.

A specific school facility use form is utilized to regulate the issuance for the possible use of classrooms, gyms, kitchen/cafeteria or any outdoor facilities.

Below, is a list of school rental fees:

Classroom $10.00 per day
Kitchen $20.00 per day
Elementary gym $60.00 per day
Middle-High School gym $60.00 per day
Cafeteria $20.00 per day
Concession stand $20.00 per day
Wrestling room $20.00 per day
Weight room $20.00 per day
Athletic field lights $30.00 per hour
Custodian Hourly wage
Cook Hourly wage

Please contact Spring Valley Community Education at 778-5892 for more information on requesting the school's facilities.

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