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Nutrition, Training and the High School Athlete

A few years ago at a coaches clinic, I had the opportunity to listen to the Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball Strength and Conditioning coach. One of the questions that came up during his presentation was the topic of dietary supplements and what his recommendation would be as it related to high school athletes. I'll never forget his response to the question because it was so simple and got right to the heart of what it takes to be successful. He stated that there are three things that an athlete can do to excel at the high school level. Those things included the following 1) Push yourself harder in the weight room. Most high school athletes do not even come close to reaching their full potential when it comes to strength training and conditioning. There is no substitute for hard work. 2) Eat a healthy and appropriate diet. Your body can only perform at its maximum level when it has appropriate fuel. An excellent article came across my Inbox recently that offers some great advice on what high school athletes should be eating. You can find it here. 3) Get an appropriate amount of sleep! Study after study shows that American teenagers are sleep deprived. Many teenagers need a minimum of nine hours of sleep every night to fully rest and recover from their day's activities. Combine the 'normal' teenager's day with the demands of playing high school sports and it becomes even more critical to consistently get enough sleep at night.

As athletes, you want to be able to perform at your highest possible level. Take the advice offered above to give yourself an advantage over your opponent!

Cardinals Unveil Core Values Statement

The Spring Valley Boys Basketball team has developed a Core Values Statement that is intended to guide the growth and development of all team members as we navigate another season. While one indicator of success can still be found on the scoreboard, that number does not always fully represent the true measure of accomplishement made by a team. The Core Values Statement is intended to give direction to each member of our team, regardless of the endeavor. We believe that being a member of the Spring Valley Boys Basketball team includes more than playing basektball. It is an opportunity to give back to the community, develop life-long skills, and prepare to be a productive member of our society.

Scrimmage Date Set for November 22

The Spring Valley Boys Basketball team will once again be scrimmaging at Rice Lake on November 23. The JV team will also scrimmage at Rice Lake Middle School (just up the hill from the high school on Carson Street). Both teams will begin scrimmaging at 6:00 and will conclude at 7:30. The schedule is as follows: 6:00 vs. Cameron, 6:30 vs. Chetek-Weyerhauser, and 7:00 vs. Ladysmith. Spectators are welcome to attend and their is no admission charge for this event.

Clothing Order Due Novemer 23

The 2017 Spring Valley Basketball clothing order form is available online. Click here to purchase shirts, shorts and pullovers from MBC Sports. Orders are due November 23.

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