2014 - 2015 Spring Valley Track Team




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2015 Season Results


Tyler Ellefson - 1600m Run 4:31.97

Aidan Manley - 3200m Run 9:51.49

Tyler Ellefson, Tyler Hartung, Jacob Rielly, Devin Larson

- 4x800m Relay 8:27.46



SVHS has 6 boys moving onto the State Track Meet in LaCrosse this year. Congratulations on their amazing performances and to Aidan Manley in the 1600m Run and the 4x800m Relay Team: Tyler Ellefson, Jacob Rielly, Tyler Hartung and Devin Larson, for breaking the school records this year for those events!

Competing at State:

Tyler Ellefson - 4x800m Relay, 1600m Run

Aidan Manley - 1600m Run, 3200m Run

Jacob Rielly - 4x400m Relay, 4x800m Relay

Tyler Hartung - 4x400m Relay, 4x800m Relay

Devin Larson - 4x400m Relay, 4x800m Relay

Logan Newton - 4x800m Relay



Spring Valley boys placed 3rd in a close regional meet in Boyceville, with 8 boys going to sectionals, while girls placed 7th, with 6 girls moving on.. Congrats SVHS!

Tyler Ellefson, Devin Larson, Tyler Hartung, Jacob Rielly

- 4x800m Relay - New School Record: 8:36.69!!

 Going in 3 events:

Tyler Ellefson - 1600m run, 3200m run and 3200m relay

Devin Larson - 400m dash, 1600m relay, and 3200m relay

Jacob Reilly - 300m hurdles, 1600m relay, and 3200m relay

Going in 2 events:

Tyler Hartung - 1600m relay and 3200m relay

Logan Newton - long jump and 1600m relay

Aidan Manley - 1600m run, 3200m run

Sam O'Brien - 100m dash and 800m relay

Going in 1 event:

Nick Kalmes - discus

Lucas Olson - high jump

Belle Rabitoy - shot put

Jacqueline Dieckman - discus

Brianna O'Brien - 800m relay

Tatum Huntress - 800m relay

Brandi Johnson - 800m relay



Congratulations on SVHS athletes who made the All-Conference Track Team!

1st Team All Conference

Aidan Manley - 1600m Run

Aidan Manley - 3200m Run

2nd Team All Conference

Tyler Ellefson - 1600m Run

Tyler Ellefson - 800m Run

Nick Kalmes - Discus

Brandi Johnson - 4x400m Relay

Alyson Hayes - 4x400m Relay

Jacqueline Dieckman - 4x400m Relay

Tatum Huntress - 4x400m Relay

Tyler Hartung - 4x400m Relay

Devin Larson- 4x400m Relay

Jacob Rielly- 4x400m Relay

Logan Newton - 4x400m Relay

Honorable Mention

Logan Newton - Long Jump

Tyler Ellefson - 3200m Run



Spring Valley HS Track Records


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Order of Running Events

(Girls run first followed by boys in each event)

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-3200m Relay

-100m High Hurdles

-100m Dash

-1600m Run

-800m Relay

-400m Dash

-400m Relay

-300m Low Hurdles

-800m Run

-200m Dash

-3200m Run

-1600m Relay