To the world you might be just one person, but to one person, you might just be the world.


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       Whether tutoring, copying, cutting, or pasting, our Volunteers share their enthusiasm, encouragement and patience with a pleasant smile!!  Their enthusiasm is contagious and soon everyone is having a GREAT Day!!




About the Volunteer Program

What is the Volunteer Program?

 A coordinated program which recruits, trains and schedules community members into the School District of Spring Valley.

Why become a Volunteer?       

Today there is an increasing need for individualized instruction---fitting the curriculum to the child's needs.  Class size and time limit the amount of individual attention each student can receive.  This is why YOU are needed.  As a Volunteer, you enable the teacher to become more effective.

Who are Volunteers?

Volunteers are people of all ages:  parents, business leaders, retired seniors, and members of our community.  They are people with a desire to help children and a willingness to give of their time, talents and knowledge.

When do Volunteers help?

You may choose a time that is convenient to you during the school day.  We will attempt to arrange a schedule convenient to you, the student and the teacher. 

Where do Volunteers help?

Volunteers help in many areas at the Elementary School.  You could be:

                    A tutor or a mentor to a child

                        Help in the Classroom by assisting teachers in working with students and/or materials.

                        Read to and listen to students read

                        Help in the Elementary Library with checking in/out books, shelving books, and helping students.

                        Help as a resource Volunteer by sharing your career, hobbies, or special talents with students.

                        Help with copying or other office duties.




How to Volunteer

If you would be interested in being a Volunteer you may fill out a Volunteer Information Sheet and mail to

Spring Valley Elementary Volunteer Program

Attn: John Schultz-  Coordinator

P.O. Box 427

 Spring Valley, WI  54767

or contact John Schultz- Community Volunteer Coordinator directly at 715-778-5602  ext. 1119 or at






Contact Coordinator

For questions or Comments about the Spring Valley Elementary Volunteer Program please contact:

Coordinator:  John Schultz

                        P.O. Box 427

                        S200 Sabin Avenue

                        Spring Valley, WI  54767

        Phone:   715-778-5602  ex. 1119

            Fax:  715-778-5615