Spring Valley Elementary Volunteer Program - Volunteer Information Sheet




Name _________________________________________________________________



 Address __________________________________________________________

                                                Street                                                        City                                          Zip Code


Telephone ______________________________________________________________    

                                                Day                                          Evening                                                    Cell                                                                         

Email Address ___________________________________________________________




Time of Day:

            Mornings from _______________ to ________________ M  T  W  TH  F


            Afternoons from ______________ to ________________ M  T  W  TH  F


            _____ Every Week    _____ Every other Week      _____ Occasionally





Areas of Volunteer Interest (mark all that apply)


_____ Tutoring Students                                        


_____ Classrooms (assisting groups of students,                 _____ Library/Media Center

Field trips, classroom preparation, material preparation)


_____ Special Skills/Talents                                 _____ Assist in Art Room


_____ Assist w/Science Fairs,                              _____ Other (explain in space below)

Fun Fairs, Young Authorís Night









Volunteerís personal information is not classified as public data and is strictly confidential and will be used only to process the volunteerís placement.  The data collected on this form is used to determine an appropriate volunteer placement.