Spring Valley Education Foundation, Inc.

The Spring Valley Education Foundation, Inc. is created as a non-stock, non-profit Wisconsin Charitable Corporation with tax exempt status with the intention of obtaining donations to be used to enrich and enhance the opportunities and educational experiences of students and the public in an era of continued state-wide funding cutbacks.As an entity, the Foundationís initial function may be most comparable to that filled by the ĎSpring Valley Elementary Parents Clubí for the elementary school students.It is assumed that both entities would continue to serve students.††

The Foundation is initially funded under the authority of the SV School Board and as such, will be expected to annually provide an accounting of its financial activities to the SV School Board.Beyond the yearly fiscal report, the SV School Board intention is to allow the Foundationís Board of Directors to govern the activities.



  • To creatively generate financial support intended to enrich and enhance the opportunities and educational experiences of Spring Valley School District students and members of the school community.




         Fund the purchase of enrichment items in addition to those funded by the school's budget;

         Promote and support a positive interaction between the school and the community;

         Provide students with opportunities they would not otherwise be privileged to experience.


The Foundation Goals will be achieved by directing support toward the following areas:

1.       To promote student development.

         Provide resources for additional educational enrichment activities.

         Provide resources for unique student learning needs.


2.       To encourage creativity and excellence in members of the school community.

         Support unique staff development opportunities for all employees.

         Provide resources for innovative ideas and creative programs.


3.       To encourage support of the Foundation goals by the community at-large.

         Promote community awareness about the Foundation and educational programs and needs of the School District.

         Provide an organization to facilitate community support for the fundraising activities of the Foundation.


4.       Provide for increased opportunity for access to appropriate instructional supplies and technology.

         Provide a vehicle for individuals and organizations to contribute resources to enhance learning


5.       To promote the School District as a center for community learning.

         Promote a common goal of working to fulfill student growth and potential throughout the School District and community.

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