General Scholastic Enhancement Account *

Money donated without a narrowly specified use identified by the contributor will be placed in the General Scholastic Enhancement Account.  The grant monies funded through this general account are intended to provide students with stimulating learning experiences that augment the curriculum in a variety of settings, which students may not otherwise be able to experience.   These learning opportunities may or may not reflect the categorical areas identified below. 


For those individual donors who wish their contribution to be targeted for a specific purpose, the following five categorical accounts were identified.  


1)  Support for Technology & Learning

This specific fund is intended to help provide students and other members of the school community with access to instructional technologies, with a goal of helping to prepare them for the world and workplace of the future.   


2)  Support for Arts & Education

This specific fund intended to promote and enhance lifelong enjoyment of, appreciation for, and participation in the arts for students, faculty and other members of the school community by funding unique programs and experiences in the Fine and Performing Arts.


3)  Support for Cultural Enrichment

Positive experiences in culture including ethnic and regional heritage are essential to educating the whole person and should be an integral part of the lives of all involved in the school community.  Resources from this specific fund intended to help identify and finance programs that generate cultural and cross-cultural appreciation so that students may be enriched by, and prepared for, life and work in our increasingly global society. 


4)  Support for Professional Development

This specific fund is intended to enable teachers and staff to pursue professional training and experiences designed to enrich their interaction with the school community but may not be available through traditional resources.  In order to augment professional growth, staff can seek funding to attend special seminars or classes.


5)  Support for Community Wellness

Resources from this specific fund is intended to help identify and finance programs that contribute to or promote health, physical fitness, preventative programming, and overall general wellness.  This fund may be utilized to continue the commitment of increasing physical activity in all by supporting effective programs which may include improvements or enhancements to facilities that impact members of the school community.

-          Artificial External Defibrillator (A.E.D.) placements

-          School or Community ‘Wellness’ activities and offerings including enhancements to the swimming pool, tennis courts, or other venues

-          Possible ‘Family Endowments’ for those families experiencing financial need



* Please note that the “General Scholastic Enhancement Account” is identified for undesignated or unspecified donations.  “Categorical Accounts #1 – #5” are intended to appeal to donors who may be particularly passionate about maintaining or creating funding for opportunities for school community members in specific areas.



Updated 3/12/03