Social Studies Resources

Welcome to the Middle Ages
Graphic Maps
Teaching African-American History
Six Paths to China
HyperHistory Online
Houghlin-Mifflin Project Center**
Archiving Early America
Houghlin-Mifflin's Project Center's The Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP)
Email ClassroomExchange
Education's First Black History Treasure Hunt
Compass Lessons
Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
Halloween on the Net: Dia de los Muertos
Blue Web 'N
Case Junior High School (Watertown, NY) Social Studies Web Site
From Revolution to Reconstruction
Hot List of Web Sites for U.S. History
The Native Web: An Internet Community
Civil War Resources
Adventure Online
Mayaquest '97
NASA Online Interactive Projects
Native American Educational Resources
World Cultures
Urban/Minority Families
Teaching Resources by the National Council for the Social Studies
Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers
SCORE History--Social Science Resources
The Valley of the Shadow Project (Hypermedia Archive of American Civil War Viewed from Both Sides)
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez (Virtual Tour of Supreme Court and cases since 1893)