Creating and Editing Webpages

To create and edit your webpages, follow these steps

Text Box: Edit with Frontpage Button
1. Find your homepage by going to Spring Valley School District's homepage (  Point your mouse over the Student Resources button, select Teacher Web Pages, either Elementary or Middle School/High School, and find your name in the appropriate location.  In this example we'll use Mrs. Vetsch.  Click on the Edit with Frontpage button (see Fig.1).


2. Frontpage should start.  Type in your username and password when prompted (see Fig.2)

NOTE: If you are sharing your machine with students, it is NOT a good idea to save your User Name and Password.

3. The Frontpage space should now appear (see Fig. 3).  To create a new page, click on File->New->Page or Web. 

Fig. 3

4. On the right hand side of the Frontpage window a column that says New Page or Web should now appear (see Fig. 4).  Frontpage comes with several preformatted styles of webpages.  If you would like to use one of them, click on Page Templates... underneath New from Template.  A window should pop up titled Page Templates (see Fig. 5). 

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

To use one of the templates, double click on it.  Replace the text with your text.

For this example we will be using a blank page.  Click on Blank Page underneath New.

5. You can change the default text style and background color.  To do this, right click on the page you just made and select Page Properties.  Click on the Background tab (see Fig. 6).  You can have a picture appear in the background.  To do this, check the Background picture checkbox, and click on Browse.  Navigate to the picture you want to use and click OK.  Otherwise, you can change the color of your new page by going to the pulldown menu underneath Colors and next to Background:.  By default, your page will have a white background and black text. 

Fig. 6


6. After you have your page's background and text formatted, you will want to name your page.  Go to File->Save as.  The Save As window should appear (see Fig.7).  The Page title: is the text that appears on the top of the window of the page we're creating.  In this example we changed it to Mrs. Vetsch's Assignments.  We also changed the page's file name to assignments.  Make note of this, as we will be creating a hyperlink to it.  Click on the Save button when completed.


7.  Switch back to your homepage (usually Index.html in the Folder List).  We will now create a hyperlink to the Assignments page.  A hyperlink is either a graphic or text that you can click on, and will take you to another webpage.  In this example, we will use text.  Type the text that you want to use for your hyperlink.  Here we typed in Click here to go to assignments (see Fig.8).  Highlight the text and RIGHT CLICK on it.  From the menu, select Hyperlink...

Fig. 8

The Edit Hyperlink window should now appear (see Fig.9).  IF the page you want to link to is in your website, as it is in this example, you simply need to double click on it.  If the page you want is OUTSIDE of your web, you need to type in the complete address (ex. for CNN) in the Address: field and click OK.

Fig. 9

To test that your hyperlink works, click on the Preview tab and click on your hyperlink.  To create a hyperlink using a graphic, highlight your graphic and repeat the process.

8. After you are done editing your web page(s), either click on the Save button (the button with the Floppy Disk on it underneath View) or go to File->Save

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